Thank you everyone for your feedback. We're working on some updates for Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, check back here as more tweaks, fixes and additional improvements are added to the game.



Patch 1.04

Note:  Your mid-level checkpoint data will be reset to apply critical fixes and improvements. Some save games will need to be continued from the start of the level.


·   General bug fixes and visual improvements.

·   Improved game stability during gameplay.

·   Improvements and changes to localisation.


Fixed an issue in Kaiser Friedrich Museum where the player could become trapped.

·   Fixed an issue in The Landwehr Canal where the player could get blocked by invisible collision.

·  Fixed an issue in Kreuzberg HQ that would see the player teleport upon re-entering U-Bahn tunnel.

·   Fixed an issue in Brandenburg Gate that would stop the Wolff cutscene from triggering.

·   Improvements to AI behaviour across all maps including stuck and inactive AI.

Photo Mode

·   Contrast and Exposure sliders allow for greater finesse.

·   Added a new frame overlay: The Sniper Elite logo.

Xbox One and Windows via the Microsoft Store, Steam and GOG. 


UPDATE: Photo Mode is being extended to 8m from 5m

Added a classic controller configuration option.

  • Various AI improvements and fixes.
  • Map updates which caused players to fall out of the world or get stuck.
  • General gameplay improvements including stuck enemies and animations.


  • Resolved an issue related to HDR not turning off when connected to a HDR enabled TV. (PlayStation®4 and Xbox One only)
  • General visual improvements to St Pierre.
  • Fixed camera out of world issues that were affecting multiple environments.
  • Fixed various level environments that were affected by popping.


Various improvements to in game texts and Chinese localisation.

Nintendo Switch


Improved CPU management resulting in a higher frame rate and resolution in areas affected by performance drops. 

  • Character models on the character select screen showing incorrectly.
  • Players being kicked from a multiplayer lobby during host migration.
  • Multiplayer score limits being reset to their default value on lobby creation when the highest score limit is set.


General localisation issues. (specifically to the Russian and Japanese languages)