‘Snipers are needed at the wall!’ – Tobruk is being hammered by an as yet unseen weaponry force. The settlement is being observed closely by Axis spotters.

Upon exiting the building you have started in, head to the first rampart marked on your UI. 

Having reached your destination you will be prompted to utilise your sniper rifle’s capabilities. Read the instructions carefully as they will aid your fluid continuance of the mission.

Tip: Keep checking your objective to be clear on how and where to proceed.

Having sniped the first two spotters head to your next position further down the ridge. Pay close attention to any further instruction being given throughout as they are important tutorial points that contribute to developing your skills on the battlefield.

Take out any remaining spotters, then mark and shoot the gas tank under the heavy artillery truck.

Tip: Crouching will allow for your approach to unsuspecting enemies to be silent.

Make your way up the pass and take out any enemy soldiers you might encounter. Use your Welrod to silently and efficiently dispatch your foes. Taking out the enemies operating the missile launchers will allow for Allied aerial units to attack and for you to proceed and conclude the first mission.

Optional objectives: Kill 8 enemies using stealth takedowns.


Playing cards collected: 1 available.

You can find the playing card situated on a box in the most north easterly sniper tower .

Sniper nests found: 1 available.

The snipers nest is easy to locate in that it is already marked on your map. It is an elevated structure in the north east.

War diaries found: 2 available.

War Diary #1 – ‘Letters to Martin’

After exiting the bunker having just destroyed the vehicle bare right where you will see a destroyed tank. The sand bunker to the left of the tank contains the first war diary. Just walk over it to collect.

War Diary #2 – ‘Survival Nones: Managing Heart Rate’

In one of the most north easterly camps, just north west of the snipers nest you will find a large tent which contains the second war diary.

Long shots discovered: 1 available.

The long shot is pretty simple to execute. As soon as you have entered the next look directly ahead, back towards Tobruk where you will see an enemy soldier in a window. Take him out to get the long shot.

Ghost of Tobruk achievement:

Make your way across the level without being noticed by the enemy. A few tips to consider:

• Watch the enemy’s alert circle icons. Avoid them turning completely red or you fail the achievement.

• Use silent killing techniques such as the Welrod and melee takedowns.

• Crouch when near enemies so that you are silent in approach.

• Don’t take your long shot until all 4 camps have been cleared otherwise you will alert the enemies below.

• Wait till enemies have loaded the heavy artillery weapon before shooting them. The sound of the heavy artillery gun will mask your own shots.