After a successful launch, game industry press have been writing their thoughts on Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition coming to Nintendo Switch, see more of what they have to say. 


‘Worth keeping in your sights’

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Nintendo Enthusiast

‘The sniping mechanics are as good as ever.’

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‘On Switch, Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition is just as good as it’s ever been’

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The Sixth Axis

‘Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition really lives up to its name on Nintendo’

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Nintendo Life

‘…wraps it all up in one delicious portable package.’

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GBA Temp

‘…it does not fail to deliver!’

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God is a Geek

‘Sniper Elite 3 remains one of the best snipers sims of this generation.’

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The Gamer

‘a fantastic sniper experience’

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Screen Rant

‘The developers of Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition did an amazing job with the Switch port and it runs without any issues in handheld mode, turning the game into a worthy portable experience’

‘The new additions in the Nintendo Switch version of Sniper Elite III Ultimate Edition have helped to elevate something that could have been just another third-party port into the definitive version of the game’

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Bloody Disgusting

‘Having another round of Nazi skull-exploding sniper shots playing out in slow motion X-Ray form shows it never gets old, no matter what the format’

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