So you’ve bested the war torn streets of Berlin in Sniper Elite V2 Remastered and looking for a new sharpshooting challenge. Here are 7 reasons to head to Northern Africa and take on Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition on Nintendo Switch!

1. A new threat. A new campaign!

Experience EIGHT epic campaign missions to challenge the very best snipers, all on the go with your Nintendo Switch. Set before the events of Sniper Elite V2, relive Karl Fairburne’s origin story as an elite operative tasked with destroying a terrifying super weapon.

2. Save Churchill. Kill Hitler!

Embark upon FOUR thrilling additional DLC missions, including the three part Save Churchill campaign and Target Hitler: Hunt the Grey Wolf! 

3. A new theatre of war!

Fight across incredible North African landscapes, meandering through huge levels with multiple routes, from green oases and ancient cities to twisting canyons and cavernous Axis facilities.

4. Know thy enemy? Battle thy enemy!

Competitive multiplayer modes pit you against other fearsome snipers across the world online… or right next to you with local wireless! Stand out by customising your character skins and show off the battle medals and ribbons you have earned as a result of your combat skills!

5. Vehicular destruction!

Reacquaint yourself with the now legendary X-ray kill camera, this time with vehicular takedowns! Watch as your bullets tear through the armoured metal chassis of a variety of tanks and military vehicles!

6. It takes two to Tango!

Awesome cooperative gameplay for you and a comrade. Take on the entire campaign together or test your combined skills in two dedicated co-op modes: Survival and Overwatch.

7. Custom sniping!

Enjoy a fully customisable campaign experience. Take charge of the difficulty levels by removing any in-game assistance or improve AI capabilities in order to challenge yourself to the max!