We asked the community for some of their top tips for playing Sniper Elite V2 Remastered. Here is a selection of their recommendations.


Martin @MairtinIRE on Twitter

Ditch the Aim Assist - learn to read the mil-dots. Many times more enjoyable when you get those headshots!!! Especially from a distance :)


Leinad_WC40 @Daniel_WC40 on Twitter

1. Put land mine outside the doors.

2. Look for the highest place to shoot.

3. Check the wind. Try to overtake the look.

4. Breath before every shot.

5. Wait for a sound that helps you to hide the shot.

6. Shoot in the head.


VanillaBeast  ™️ @TheVanillaBeast on Twitter

Play as though it's real life. This isn't COD so don't run around running and gunning, it'll get you killed. Use stealth, stay hidden and take out ground soldiers, then find a sniper nest and mask your shots whenever possible.


Guillaume regouin @AliceRegouin on Twitter

Before changing positions, always use the pair of binoculars to check the surroundings


John @_justjjhughes_ on Twitter

Aim around the chest area, it’s a bigger target full of lots of major organs and easier to hit.

Take your time and wait for the right moment before squeezing the trigger.

If there are no loud sounds to cover your shot, relocate.

Rinse and repeat.


Gregory G on Facebook

I like to plant a trip mine or land mine at a choke point or at the bottom of stairs to the attic. That way if I have to retreat they hit the trap. Works for kill tally.


Jon R on Facebook

Throwing rocks from a distance is an invaluable way of discovering hidden enemy locations, especially on Sniper Elite difficulty. Lure them out, then straight to the dome.


Jim W on Facebook

Always have an escape route. Put out a mine (or 2) on it, in case they chase you.


NonFormidoLast on Discord

When playing on Sniper Elite difficulty (or any that doesn't tell you your fall of shot), if you're going for a long range shot, or just not sure where your shot will land, and you have sound masking, then find a wall at a similar distance away from enemies, pick a point of aim on that wall and look out for the splash of the round. Then you can use that offset as a guide on your enemies. ;)

If you don't have sound masking you can always just do it anyway and restart from the checkpoint... but you didn't hear that from me >_>