The battlefield can be an unforgiving setting. In Sniper Elite 3 you will be faced with a range of challenges that will push you to the limits of your capabilities. You will need to think and act quickly or face an untimely death at the hands of the Axis. Before you are 10 tips to consider when tackling the campaign mode!

1. Utilise the aim assist mechanism when scoped in order to deliver the most precise of shots!

2. Using your side arm weapons will almost certainly get you out of a pickle when in close combat scenarios.

3. Laying traps such as trip mines will prevent sneak attacks from your enemies and bolster your defences in the field of battle.

4. Whilst being a pretty obvious suggestion, aiming for the head when targeting your enemy is a swift way of guaranteeing their demise.

5. Your enemy are no joke and will seek you out if your position has been compromised. Keep on the move to keep your adversaries on their toes!

6. Position yourself in hard to reach, elevated vantage points. From here you can much more easily scan your surroundings and pick your targets much more simply.

7. Explosive caches lay strewn across the map environments. Use them to your advantage. Shoot them by nearby foes and watch the devastation unfold.

8. Use stealth to your advantage by sneaking up on your enemies and inflicting silent up close death upon them. Using your Welrod pistol will also prevent enemies from hearing your attack.

9. Throwing grenades at a crowd of enemies is a sure fire way of not only wiping out large groups at one time, but also allowing you to get clear of a heavy assault against you.

10. There are so many loadout options. Experiment with different weapons to see what best suits your playstyle.